Investing with a Higher Purpose

Conscious RT provides courses in real estate investing that helps you to identify, renovate, and sell properties for a profit.  We focus only in Baltimore City and are committed to teaching, partnering, and packaging profitable real estate deals that helps to build wealth for all stakeholders.


ConsciousRT Development in Action

ConsciousRT renovates from ugly shells to beautiful homes. We are committed to transforming Baltimore City once block at a time without displacement.


Data Driven Real Estate Investing

Conscious Real Estate Development in Baltimore City comes down to having a written strategy and the research prior to getting started purchasing properties.

ConsciousRT University

Interested in learning how to become a Conscious Investor and Developer Join our Movement.

How to Identify Profitable Real Estate Deals in Baltimore City

Learn our process for identifying, researching, and selecting the most profitable neighborhoods to invest in Baltimore City.

How to Locate, Analyze, Renovate, and Sell Properties

Our 90 Day program is designed to provide you with hands on experience with locating properties.  How to properly analyze if is a deal or not.  Field exercises to conduct scope of works on 6 properties for contractor bids.

How to Structure Rent to Own Deals that Generate $5000 a Month Cash Flow

Looking for a true turn-key real estate investment deal.  Look no further.  What you will learn is how our turnkey product can provide you with over 100% ROI in 5-Years.

Join The Movement 

Are you a conscious investor seeking to live your legacy now by real estate investing with a higher purpose? 

Are you interested in joining a movement dedicated to bringing economic revitalization to Baltimore City? 

Then the Conscious RoundTable is for you.  Click RSVP Below to attend our Saturday's event to learn more how you can become a ConsciousRT member. 

The 7-Keys to Investing with a Higher Purpose

Our premier 6 -Week course designed to provide you with the 7- Keys necessary for becoming a Conscious Developer.  Click RSVP to attend our Saturday Event and learn more.


Join the Movement

If you desire to invest with a higher purpose. Join us at our next Conscious RT Event. Click RSVP below to register for our Saturday event.

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Membership Options

 We approach real estate investment by educating our members to start with a higher purpose than just making money and to build a business that empowers, transforms, and creates wealth for all stakeholders.   

4 Hour Baltimore City Exploration


Tours of an actual Conscious Development Block showing the 4 stages of real estate renovation

Question and Answer session Conscious RT Developer

Learn the 7 Keys to Investing with a Higher Purpose 

Learn the 3 Best Tools for identifying the best blocks to purchase properties in Baltimore City

Learn how to purchase properties from the Baltimore City's Vacants to Value Program and the One House at a time Program

Learn what are the best neighborhoods for renovating and resell

Learn what are the best neighborhoods for buying and holding

Determine your Investment Philosophy

 Lunch included at a Baltimore City


 Receive - Real Estate Investment Strategies E-Book

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3 - Day Conscious Investors Boot Camp


Includes Master Class Workshop

Friday Night and Saturday and Sunday Afternoon

Investing in Baltimore City E-Book

5 Hours of Online Course

8 Hours Field Training

Learn the 3 Must Have Tools for Researching Baltimore City

Visit Live Development Projects

Questions and Answers Sessions with 2 Conscious Developers 

Create Scope of Work

Analyze Deals

Lunch Included

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Investor Member


90 Day Course

Includes Master Class Workshop

Includes 3-Day Conscious Investors Boot Camp

Walk Through 6 Properties Renovations in 90 Days

Develop your Real Estate Investors Strategic Plan

REINexus Profile

List Properties

Monthly Mastermind Calls with Millionaire investors

90 Minute Consultation

Investor Philosophy E-Book

Investor Strategies E-Book

7 Keys to Investing with a Higher Purpose Course

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ConsciousRT Developers Course


12-Month Program

Receive a $250,000 Line of Credit upon completion

Raise $50,000 in 6 Months 

Build your Business Plan

Mentorship on 3 Shells to Homes Projects

Online Courses and Field Exercises


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