Investing with a Higher Purpose

Conscious RT provides courses in real estate investing that helps you to identify, renovate, and sell.  We focus only in Baltimore City and are committed to teaching, partnering, and packaging profitable real estate deals that helps to build wealth for all stakeholders.


How to Identify Profitable Real Estate Deals in Baltimore City

Learn our process for identifying, researching, and selecting the most profitable neighborhoods to invest in Baltimore City.

How to Locate, Negotiate, and Profit with Lease Purchase

Learn how our customized Invest-To-Own program can be a win-win for both you and the lessee.  What you will learn is the 7 key steps for successful creating a win-win solution.

How to Locate Buy and Hold Deals that Generate $500 a Month Cash Flow

Looking for a true turn-key real estate investment deal.  Look no further.  What you will learn how our turnkey product can provide you with over 57% ROI in 5-Years.

The 7-Steps to Real Estate Development for Conscious Developers

Our premier 6 -Week course designed to provide you with the 7- Steps necessary for becoming a Conscious Developer.  Click RSVP to attend our Saturday Event and learn more.

Join The Movement 

Are you a conscious investor seeking to live your legacy now by real estate investing with a higher purpose? 

Are you interested in joining a movement dedicated to bringing economic revitalization to Baltimore City? 

Then the Conscious Roundtable is for you.  Click RSVP Below to attend our Saturday's event to learn more how you can become a Conscious RT member. 

Join the Movement

If you desire to invest with a higher purpose. Join us at our next Conscious RT Event. Click RSVP below to register for our Saturday event.

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 We approach real estate investment by educating our members to start with a higher purpose than just making money and to build a business that empowers, transforms, and creates wealth for all stakeholders.   

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