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$10,000 Package Investment Property with 20% Built-in Equity on Renovated Properties that Generates 100% ROI in 2 Years

Conscious RT Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Now is the time for your to own a home and to start building wealth for your and your family.









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Join the Conscious Movement and learn how to build wealth and credit while living in your new home!

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Learn the 7-Keys for Generating $30,000 in Wealth through Lease Purchase in only 5-Years regardless of your Credit.

  1. The 7 Keys to Conscious Development in Baltimore City
  2. Learn about the Conscious RT - $10,000 Package Investment Property with 20% Built-in Equity on Rehabilitated Properties that Generates 100% ROI in 2 Years 
  3. How to buy investment property that generates $500 a month cash flow and 57% ROI in 5-Years
  4. How to use data to drive your real estate development decision
  5. How to use social capital to turn $5k to 100K in 100 Days
  6. How to effectively acquire and develop a block in Baltimore City that creates wealth for all stakeholders
  7. The importance of building strategic partnerships to turn grow your development and transform communities
  8. How to use Lease Purchase to acquire a real estate investment portfolio

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Conscious Community Baltimore Movement. The Conscious Community Baltimore Movements is a community of principle-centered, freethinking, thought leaders who are driven by a higher purpose to create a movement that transforms Baltimore City allowing all stakeholders to benefit. 

A movement that will embrace Baltimore's rich black history to educate, inspire, and restore pride and purpose to the black community; thereby, breaking the chains of the victim mentality and providing them with the pathway to freedom. 

Conscious Community Baltimore will be a membership-based community of Conscious Capitalist, Benefit Corporations, educators, attorneys, clergy, health practitioners, artists, non-profits, lawmakers, and community leaders engaging in think tanks, mastermind sessions, events, and strategic partnerships to revitalize Baltimore City's economy and culture.


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